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Unified Communications

Cloud solutions are faster, better, and less expensive than traditional tools


UCaaS – Unified Communications as a Service

Often deployed as a solution to improve internal communications. However, as organisations of all sizes continue to move toward the cloud, there’s a very good business reason to consider deploying and integrating CCaaS and UCaaS together: aligning your entire workforce around a single communications platform can provide ever-higher levels of customer service.

What exactly are cloud-based phone systems?
Cloud, or hosted services are not new. Businesses have been using cloud-based solutions like Salesforce CRM or Webex virtual conferencing for years. Cloud-based phone systems leverage the power of cloud hosting and technology innovation to bring businesses a complete enterprise phone system at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone systems.

Many businesses have a basic phone service with a traditional hardware-based PBX or running a VoIP system for communication. With the cloud, many of the associated maintenance, management upkeep costs are removed.  You can configure a phone system; add new lines, change answering services, record a message played for callers, even adding a new office can all be done from an easy-to-use web interface or smartphone. Every change, as simple as clicking a mouse.

UCaaS provides four primary benefits to businesses:
 Cloud phone systems bring all the functionality of traditional enterprise phone systems, including fax in your inbox, advanced call routing, ability to make all changes instantly, and much more.

Ease of setup and use: A cloud phone system takes just minutes to set up and all changes go live instantly.

Scalability and flexibility: Cloud phone systems are extremely flexible and customisable to meet the needs of your business, you can configure the phone system exactly the way you need it. As your business scales, adding or deleting new users and locations is as easy as clicking a button.

Cost savings: With no hardware to buy up front, no maintenance costs, and all-inclusive monthly charges, cloud-based systems are less expensive than traditional solutions. Save thousands annually on additional services and licenses.

More flexible and cost-effective than legacy on-premises systems, platform empowers employees from any location, on any device, and via any mode to better serve customers, improving business efficiency and customer satisfaction.   Unified voice, video meetings, team messaging, digital customer engagement, and integrated contact centre solutions for enterprises and SMBs.

Deploy an open platform which integrates with hundreds of leading business apps and enables you to easily customise business workflows.

CCaaS – Contact Centre as a Service

Technology can help drive the contact center forward, deliver higher contact volumes, and improve customer experience.

Being truly customer-centric means all employees are potentially customer-facing. The ability of an agent to connect in the moment with someone inside the company but outside the contact centre to help resolve an issue could take customer satisfaction and loyalty levels to new heights. Even higher, if a customer has their issue resolved in one call.

UCaaS solutions streamline internal communications processes. CCaaS solutions streamline contact center processes for the purposes of improving omnichannel customer service. Integrating the two in a business environment that emphasizes customer satisfaction is a natural progression.

Business activity will only continue to be conducted online. It’s not a stretch to consider that the contact center will become your business’s front door, where customers will have their first interaction with you. This is a new way of thinking strategically about your internal and external communications. In highly competitive environments, customer service can be the deal-breaker.



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